Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1, 2016

Every Thursday, you’ll get this short, fun, relevant newsletter. It will contain a quote or smile about the library and those who love it, an idea you can use to promote your media center or reading in general, and an occasional shameless plug for the programs I offer. Enjoy!

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In this issue:
Meet Hilda
Brag About It!
Alabama Library Expo!

Meet Hilda!
Hilda is 88 years young and we have been friends for about 20 years. She and her late husband Bob sort of adopted our family and we just love her to pieces. Here’s why YOU should know her!

She is an avid reader and her love of reading is the main reason she decided to get cataract surgery earlier this year. “There just aren’t enough Big Print books available in the mystery section! Besides – those books are for old people!”

Her love of reading started when she was about 9 years old and a librarian in Girardville, Pennsylvania suggested she read “Little Women.” She was hooked! And almost 80 years later, she still talks about that library lady.

In 80 years, somebody’s going to be talking about you too! Because you’re AWESOME!


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”
-George RR Martin

Encouraging reading – from 45 Ideas in 45 Minutes – Promote Reading 

#1 - Post your circulation statistics and update them every week or so. Just outside the media center door, place a sign that says,
So far this year, your media center has checked out
1,428  items to staff
            6, 201 items to students
7,629  total items
That’s a 12.7% increase over last year!
Way to go, Bobcats!

You can run a report every week and update your school’s progress and brag about what the teacher librarian is doing to help!

I’m Speaking at the Alabama Library Expo!
I will be presenting “45 Ideas in 45 Minutes” to the attendees of the Library Expo, a four day four city rolling conference. If you are in Alabama I hope to see you there!

Go to to find out more!

Let me know how I can help! See you next week!

Encouraging kids to read, I am
Tommy Johns
Educational Entertainment Specialist

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