Thursday, September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017

Every Thursday, you’ll get this short, fun, relevant newsletter. It will contain a quote or smile about the library and those who love it, an idea you can use to promote your library or reading in general, and an occasional shameless plug for the programs I offer. Enjoy!

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Library Laugh
Your Ideas ROCK!
What She Said


“You should never read just for ‘enjoyment.’ Read to make yourself smarter! Less judgmental. More apt to understand your friends’ insane behavior, or better yet, your own. Pick ‘hard books.’ Ones you have to concentrate on while reading. And for goodness’ sake, don’t let me ever hear you say, “I can’t read fiction. I only have time for the truth.” Fiction is the truth! Ever hear of “literature”? That means fiction, too.”
John Waters, Film Director, Author

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” 
Ernest Hemingway

Library Laughs

This one made me LOL out loud!

Your Ideas ROCK!

Jennice Richardson of Cornerstone School in Birmingham shared this idea:

I promote the library and literacy in a variety of ways using the bulletin board in the hall. I have a power vocabulary word on the board related to a grade's current course of study. It has a brief explanation of the word and an invite to students to come explain it to me in their own words. If they can sufficiently explain the word and then tell me where I can find more about that subject in the library, I'll reward them with a Starburst.

Thanks Jennice!

What She Said

“You are awesome! Very professional – confirmed date and time, arrived ahead of the scheduled time, and the kids really loved it.”
Gwen Kellar, Dawsonville, GA

See you next week!

Encouraging kids to read, I am
Tommy Johns
Educational Entertainment Specialist

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